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Why you need to hire Licensed n Insured plumber

So many people these days don't consider if a contractor has the proper licenses or business insurance to be legally doing the job or jobs they have been hired to complete. Unlicensed or uninsured people who do this type work are cheaper, but with it comes a price. For example, if a plumber is in your attic and causes a fire, creating severe damage, or worse yet should burn the house down. With no insurance, Who will cover the lose or damage? Chances are those people will leave you in the cold. Disappear completely. All insurance companies look for any reason to NOT cover these type of loses. There for the buck is handed to the home owner to fend for them selves. The lose becomes their own. Sometimes those persons can't recover. Rebuild or remodel? Unlikely not right away. If they had the right licensed & insured plumber doing this job, and an accident occurred, yes it would be inconvenient, but taken care of in a timely manner, and 100% claim covered, So give this some serious thought. A few extra dollars spent could be worth 10s of thousands down the line.

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